The advent of virtual reality in the world of poker

by James Hassell

PokerStars, the world leader in online poker, is about to develop an innovative virtual poker game available to all users. This is PokerStars VR , a project secretly finalized by the operator’s development teams. They have been working on it for several months with the collaboration of Lucky VR.

Custom features

The product was officially presented during the European Poker Tour in Barcelona. This innovation which promises to seduce a large number of players by immersing them in an entirely virtual 3D universe. The concept remains simple since two tools are sufficient: glasses and controllers. We are faced with a realistic setting including a succession of options such as the cat, accessories and various control parameters. The animations are spectacular giving the feeling of being in a real casino. According to Manuel Bevand, Director of Innovation at PokerStars, virtual reality is already very present in the poker industry and the applications are not new. He adds that there are definite advantages to working with Lucky VR, but it was difficult to reach them. In this game,

PokerStars is available for free without any specific conditions, confirms Séverin Rasset, director of operators. The principle will be to offer quality entertainment aimed at a wide audience. However, the game offers players to acquire additional equipment in order to customize their avatar. Rasset specifies that the company is following a very precise schedule and is still embarking on a challenge with a totally uncertain result for the moment. The other goal of such a project is to attract new players by directing them to the official real money poker site. On this point, PokerStars would be too optimistic since it is difficult to convince users to switch from an extremely fun and futuristic game to a minimalist 2D portal with less attractive options.

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